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About Me

Welcome and thank you for dropping in. I am Vicki Yap-Khaw (pronounced Yup Kor).

I was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, thus I am entrenched in the Asian cultures, values and philosophies. However, having lived in South Australia for 12 years, I have not only developed a somewhat confused accent but am also well acquainted with the Aussie ways.

I have two beautiful, active and sensitive school-going kids, and am married to my best friend (yes the one who annoys me, but also makes me laugh). My children and husband inspire me, ground me and shape my approach towards healing.

Whilst I am an intuitive healer, I have a practical approach to spirituality and am dedicated to facilitating your healing journey. Enabling you to heal with greater consciousness and allow you to connect deeply to your sovereign self.


My purpose is to be the torch as you journey through shadows to remember your Divine Light. To be the echo of your soul as you reconnect with your Divine Self.

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is an alternative and holistic healing that harnesses the energy of your life force (chi or prana) to bring about shifts from within. Through the intuitive connection with your energy, we work together to uncover the root cause(s) of your blocks or dis-ease and then I delicately weave various Energetic Healing modalities together to restore the balance which enables healing to take place.

Kinesiology, Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, Guided Visualisation, Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), Aromatherapy, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression, Energetic Rebirth, Energy Channeling and Crystal Healing are some of the tools used to amplify the healing energy.


How can Quantum Healing help?

Physical Ailments

Our physical body reflect through signs and symptoms what we experience emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Quantum healing helps restore the energetic balances and has great outcomes in addressing:

  • Chronic pain, conditions or disease

  • Allergies, stress, sleep, vitality, energy level

  • Digestion, immune, circulation issues

  • Muscular and skin conditions

Emotional & Mental Issues

The convenient, modern fast pace lifestyle often comes at the cost of our emotional and mental well being. Quantum healing is profoundly effective in calming the nervous system that enables us to better respond to the stressors, rebuild resilience and help overcome:

  • Anxiety, Stress, Depression

  • Poor body-Image, Low self-esteem, Limiting beliefs

  • Phobia, Trauma, OCD, Grief

  • Addiction

  • Learning Difficultiies

  • Behavioural Challenges

Spiritual Well-being

We are spiritual being having a physical experience, however the focus is often placed on the physical and mental well-being, with little attention given to our spiritual health. Quantum healing allows you to connect to your higher self and realigns your:

  • Values, Goals

  • Purpose

  • Spiritual growth

What others have experienced

Vicki is incredible and has helped me and my family so much! She always goes the extra mile to help her clients, really tuning into their needs and soul whispers to navigate her healing in a completely tailored approach. I adore how she introduces specific - and unique - methodologies during her sessions taking you to a deeper level of consciousness to really nourish and re-energize your soul and whole life 😍 And she is an incredible human being and beautiful soul 🙏🏽


I have been blessed by meeting and working with healers and empaths from around the world, and none have surpassed Vicki’s insight, her ability to “go deep,” her warmth, and her support. She has helped me uncover and release blockages that went undetected in my former life and has expanded my horizons in ways I could not have imagined. I highly recommend Vicki not just to deal with the challenges in our lives but to experience what is possible when we open ourselves to who we truly are.


Vicki is full of energy, vibrant and such a ray of sunshine. Originally, I came to Vicki about what I thought was past life trauma holding me back. Vicki has helped me reveal past childhood trauma that has held me back from reaching my higher soul purpose. Now not only do I know what that is, I am truly excited and ever so grateful I am in closer alignment with who I am and where I am going. Thank you so much Vicki 🌻💛💫

Vicki is a healer for this new age! Practical, conscious, professional and heart centred . Not only do I have the pleasure of working through my layers of human and energetic phases but we now work in the same clinic ensuring I can trust my clients with a connected, light healer. Thanks Vicki for all you have given to me, my family and my clients 🙏 keep shining dear friend ❤️


Vicki is incredible! She is spot on with her healing and has helped our family so much. I wouldn’t be able to parent my son the way I can now without her help to harness my mum wisdom. Forever grateful .

Vicki is a beautifully compassionate and intuitive healer. Recommended to me by another professional in the field of natural medicine, Vicki provided gentle body work that was amazingly yet provided profoundly powerful healing. I would recommend Vicki to anyone looking for energy healing and support.



I received an in-home healing from Vicki to address problems with my sleep, something I have struggled with for years. She was able to trace the cause to un-addressed childhood traumas and performed a specific treatment making my inner child feel safe and loved. This has made a dramatic improvement in my sleep from just one session! She also offered me several guided meditations to use to further heal myself. Vicki has a wonderful gift and I would recommend her to anyone.


I came to Vicki who was highly recommended by a relative. She has helped me in a huge amount of ways which has made me reveal past childhood trauma that has made me understand a lot more about myself and the path I have lead up until now. I am glad my path has crossed with hers and will continue to work with her so I can be my true higher self. A big thanks to you Vicki😊


It was an eye-opener for me and I find it truly amazing that someone could “read” my body so accurately without a face-to-face session. Before this I didn’t realize that my emotional state could have such a huge impact on my physical body. The session with Vicki is more than just a healing session, she shared with me practical advice to improve my physical well-being and enlightened me spiritually. I am blessed to have found Vicki on my healing journey while I continue discovering my highest potential!


Vicki is an absolute legend who has helped me overcome and work through so many challenges that I was going through last year. Her down to earth, “no bull” approach to healing has been refreshing, paired with her supportive, nurturing and compassionate nature found me working through traumas deeper and faster than I had before. I found how she’s mixed and transitioned from her traditional Kinesiology methods to working with her intuitive quantum work to be most beneficial. She’s passionate, professional, welcoming, follows up with you to make sure you’ve got the most from your session. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.


Outdoor Meditation_edited.jpg

Distant Healing

Everything is energy, including our thoughts, feelings and intentions. Distant healing is simple, effective and powerful. As sincere intentions are "sent" across time and space, it creates profound shifts and transformation.

What's the difference between in-person and distant healing?

In-person healing is conducted in clinic with practitioner and there is direct interaction, whilst distant healing is conducted via phone or internet, and healing intentions are sent energetically through time and space.

How do I connect via distant healing?

Connection can be done through a variety of ways, such as Zoom, Whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger and phone calls. The best way to connect will be established during the appointment set up.

How does client know how to respond during the session? How should client prepare for the session?

Guidance is provided throughout the session, and client will be prompted if response is needed. 
Client would need to have a quiet and comfortable space without interruption for the session. It is best to have either a headset, earphones or speaker options so that client can have hands free during session. Good internet connection and an open mind would enable the session to flow better.

Does poor internet connection or electrical interference impact on the efficacy of the session? And is there a limit to how distant the client is from practitioner?

Poor internet connection or electrical interference can be annoying and frustrating, however it does NOT impact on the efficacy of the healing. As the healing intention is directed to the client regardless of how good or poor the connection is. I have had many clients who experienced poor connection intermittently, yet had big shifts and transformation. 

Distance is never an issue, I have had clients from UK and US, with great outcomes. 

Contact Me

102 Portrush Rd, Payneham South SA 5070, Australia

0479 068 154

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Opening Hours

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  • Mondays 9am to 6pm

  • Tuesdays 9am to 6pm

  • Fridays 9am to 6pm

Top Questions

How should I prepare for my sessions?

Hydration helps energy flow, so drink a good amount of water both before and after the healing session.

It would be best for you to have an idea of the outcomes you hope to achieve from the session or the areas in your life that you feel you need support on.

What should I expect during a session?

The hour long healing session will begin with a consult to discuss symptoms or conditions, and determine the outcomes you want to achieve from the session.

You will then be invited to lay on a therapy table for an energetic body scan to identify the energy or chakra blocks, and this allows me to energetically connect with you. We then determine the priority of the session or area of healing.

A combination of essential oils, crystals, sound therapy, channeled energy, EFT, acupressure points and meridian therapy are applied to restore the balance or release blocked energies or belief systems. At times, where necessary, I will conduct muscle testing to obtain biofeedback on further information that supports the healing process.

To close the session, I will recommend ways to support your healing process, and we schedule for future appointments where necessary.

How many sessions would I need?

This is subject to the complexity of the issue and also the level of involvement and support you put in. I have found that issues that are complex take more sessions, but more importantly the greater the support you provide for your healing, the quicker the shift.

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