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About Me

Welcome and thank you for dropping in. I am Vicki Yap-Khaw (pronounced Yup Kor).

I was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, thus I am entrenched in the Asian cultures, values and philosophies. However, having lived in South Australia for 12 years, I have not only developed a somewhat confused accent but am also well acquainted with the Aussie ways.

I have two beautiful, active and sensitive school-going kids, and am married to my best friend (yes the one who annoys me, but also makes me laugh). My children and husband inspire me, ground me and shape my approach towards healing.

Whilst I am an intuitive healer, I have a practical approach to spirituality and am dedicated to facilitating your healing journey. Enabling you to heal with greater consciousness and allow you to connect deeply to your sovereign self.

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